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Need Storage?


Our state of the art Climate Controlled 50,000 square foot industrial warehouse building is perfect for all your storage needs.  Your goods will be carefully stacked into our custom made wooden crates and delivered out directly to your new local residence in those same crates.  We have specially equipped trucks and trailers to handle these crates therefore minimizing the need for excess handling.


Storage – Climate Controlled Facility

Why choose KC Salley as your local Houston storage provider?


100% Climate Controlled Facility – You furniture and belongings will be stored in a humidity and temperature controlled environment.


Security – Our facility is monitored 24hrs a day with a regularly monitored security and fire system.

Houston Labor to Pick up and Delivery your belongings – We have experienced crews to move your belongings and bring them to our facility for storage.


Oversized Storage – For items that do not fit into our vaults, we have specialized racking system, floor storage to safely store large items like sofas, and oversized desk sets.


Personalized Storage Containers (Vaults) – Your belongings will be stored in containers that will hold approximately 1000lbs or 200 cubic feet.


Track your Furniture

Cannot keep up with what you have in storage? KC Salley can provide a picture inventory of what you have so that you can share that information with others in your organization.


Our Houston storage facility is 100% secured and climate controlled.

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